PostHeaderIcon Restaurant Eloise to close November 29th.

2848221903_2167d5af8d Dear Shuna,

It is with much sadness we are writing to tell everyone who have
supported Eloise in the past sixteen months that we have decided to
close the restaurant as of
Monday, November 30th. 

will continue with normal service through Sunday, November 29th and
would love a chance to say goodbye to any of you who would like to come
in before then. 

We thank each of you for your patronage,
enthusiasm and encouragement.  We have loved serving you and look
forward to a time when we may meet again.

Eric, Ginevra and the entire Eloise Staff


I cannot begin to express how sad this note makes me. While mega-chef empires grow, the independently-owned restaurants struggle, and many of them are folding.

I have no doubt Eric & Ginevra will be welcomed, appreciated and encouraged to thrive wherever they unfold their knife bags next, but it does not take away the overwhelming sense of discouragement I imagine they feel now.

If you live in Northern California I beg of you to eat the food these two wonderful chefs grow and cook before November 29th.

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